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Writing Tutoring: Theory and Practice, Summer 2021

Students discussing each other's writing

Gustavo and Irad give feedback on each other’s writing during the course, Writing Tutoring: Theory and Practice, Summer 2019

Would you like to gain expertise in coaching others writing in English?

If this sounds appealing, you may consider taking the course Writing Tutoring: Theory and Practice. In addition to riveting readings and lively discussions on topics related to tutoring and writing pedagogy, we will learn to

  • assess the strengths and weaknesses of writing in English
  • give writers feedback on their work
  • structure and guide a tutoring session
  • support writers at various stages of the writing process with a range of text types

We will also learn and apply an array of writing and tutoring techniques. Successful completion of the course will include participating in the class discussions and activities, observing writing consultations of current writing tutors, offering writing coaching, receiving feedback on one’s own writing, and writing reflective papers.

The course is designed for those who are interested in a) becoming more aware of the writing process; b) teaching writing; c) tutoring writing; d) preparing for work in collaborative writing-intensive roles; and/or e) improving their own English writing skills. Those who successfully complete the course will be qualified to apply for one of the limited positions as a writing tutor with the Writing Centre of the FAU Language Centre.

Who: FAU students interested in developing their academic writing in English coaching skills (students at any level: BA, MA, PhD; from any faculty: Engineering, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Law, or Medicine); with a C1 level in English or higher

What: An exciting, interactive class that explores the ins and outs of writing and tutoring

Where: Online, via Zoom

When: Seven Fridays (April 16, 23, & 30, May 7, June 11, 18, & 25) from 10:15-13:45

Why: To increase awareness of the nuances of written English; to hone one’s skills as an academic coach; to improve one’s own writing; to learn how to help others improve their writing; to earn 2.5 credits while engaging in dynamic, active learning; to convene with the coolest people at our university…

How: If you are interested in joining the class, or just want to find out more, please email

This workshop will be facilitated by Shira Richman, MA, Writing Centre Supervisor and Senior Consultant.


The Long Night of Writing, Thursday, March 4th, 2021 from 17:00-23:00, a virtual event!

A writer and consultant discuss writing via Zoom.Thursday, March 4th, 2021 is the Long Night of Writing, from 17:00 to 23:00, offered completely online this year. The Long Night offers short workshops on research, writing, time management, and other writing-related topics.

In addition to workshops, one-on-one consultations will be offered from 19:00-20:00 for those who would like individualized feedback on their writing and various parts of the writing process. To make an appointment, please use our online booking system or email

The Long Night of Writing is part of the worldwide Long Night Against Procrastination movement. It is organized by the University Library and is free for all participants. For more information about the schedule and the wide variety of workshops being offered in English and German, please visit the event’s official website.


How to Write a Good Paper in English, Lecture via Zoom

Guest speakers Professor Raymond and Edith Boxman will present a recipe for writing academic papers in English.

The talk will take place on Friday, December 4th from 14:00-15:30 via Zoom. The link to register is here:

Raymond Boxman’s background is in electrical engineering. He was educated at MIT in the United States and taught at Tel Aviv University in Israel for many years. Edith Boxman’s background is in editing and translating. Together they offer a well-rounded introduction to the primary concerns of writing key academic texts in English, including content, organization, and conventions of style.

The talk will be particularly useful for those in the natural sciences and engineering, but everyone is welcome.

For more information, please write to:


Drop-in Writing Session

From November 9th, 2020 through January 11th, 2021, the Writing Centre will offer a Drop-in Writing Session on Mondays between 15:00 and 16:00. During this hour, students can come to the Zoom room spontaneously and without prior registration.

During the drop-in, you have the opportunity to discuss your writing project. If you need more time, our writing tutors will be happy to arrange a writing consultation for you.

Three writing tutors will be available during the Drop-in Consultation Hour: Helena for consultations in English, Sarah for German for international students, and Valentin for German for native speakers.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

English Writing Workshop (Schreibwerkstatt) September 7th & 8th, 2020

Does your writing project need a boost? Then the Writing Workshop 2020 (Schreibwerkstatt) is for you!

The English portion of the Writing Workshop 2020 (Schreibwerkstatt) will take place Monday, September 7 & Tuesday, September 8 online, via Zoom.  The Writing Workshop offers two days of great workshops in English (and three days in German), as well as individual consultations with writing tutors.

Writing consultations in English take place via Zoom on Monday and Tuesday from 15:00-18:00. You can schedule individual writing consultations in Shira Richman’s workshops and via schedule an individual writing consultation in English after the Writing Workshop 2020, please follow this link:

If you would like to take part in a Writing Workshop in English, please click on the corresponding link in the program (see below).

You can find an overview of the workshops in this PDF (workshops are described in alphabetical order in the language in which they will be offered).

07.09.2020 08.09.2020 09.09.2020
10.00 Einführung sowie Workshop Und los – Ins Schreiben kommen
Annette Arend
Workshop Fokus und Struktur im Schreiben
Annette Arend
Workshop In eigenen Worten
Jasmin Haderlein (insbesondere für internationale Studierende)
10.30-13 Online-Schreibzeit Online-Schreibzeit Online-Schreibzeit
13-14 Workshop Dran bleiben – Schreibzeitmanagement
Annette Arend
Workshop Schreibtypen und Schreibstrategien
Annette Arend
Workshop Letzter Schliff – Texte überarbeiten
Jasmin Haderlein (insbesondere für internationale Studierende)
14-15 Workshop:
Writing (More) Efficiently

Helena Marques Soares & Shira Richman
Common Errors and How to Avoid Them

Shira Richman
Workshop Schreibgruppen und Schreibpartnerschaften
Annette Arend
15-18 Schreibberatungen auf Deutsch (außer internationale Studierende) und auf Deutsch für internationale Studierende. English writing consultations will be offered Monday & Tuesday 15:00-18:00 and subsequently via Timify

International students writing in German are invited to write an email to to book an appointment for writing coaching September 7-9. After the Writing Workshop (Schreibwerkstatt), you are welcome to book appointments for writing consultations at the following link:

Access to writing coaching in German during the Schreibwerkstatt (except for international students) is available by appointment from 11.00-18.00 September 7-9 at If necessary, enter “Schreibwerkstatt 2020” in the “Service” field. You will receive a Zoom link shortly before the consultation.

The Schreibwerkstatt is offered through a joint effort between GOS, the FAU Writing Centre, and the Learning Lab.

Improve your writing in English with Professional Writing!

The course Professional Writing is an exciting option if you are interested in improving your writing in English. We will examine real-world writing examples, such as proposals, brochures, mission statements, websites, procedures, and reports. Then we’ll create some of our own. By the end of the semester, members of the class will have a portfolio of polished writing samples. In addition to offering general support in improving one’s writing in English, this course could be of practical use to those pursuing professions that require writing in English in the following spheres: academic, teaching, non-profit, government, and business.

This class will meet winter Semester 2019-20, Wednesdays 14:15-15:45, in Schillerstrasse 3, 91054 Erlangen, Room F22.

For more information, see the course description in UnivIs under the title, Professional Writing; the Instructor, Shira Richman; or contact: directly.

Everyone is welcome!

Download flyer

Schreibwerkstatt (Writing Workshop) from GOS in cooperation with the Writing Centre at the Learning Lab

Does your writing project need a boost? Then the Schreibwerkstatt is for you!
The Schreibwerkstatt will take place from September 16-18, 2019 in the Erlangen Main Library (Schuhstraße 1a) and will be offered by GOS am ZiWiS in cooperation with the Writing Centre at the Learning Lab.

The Schreibwerkstatt offers three days of great workshops in German and English, as well as individual consultations with writing tutors. In addition, you can work on your writing every day from 11:00-18:00 in the library’s Ausstellungsraum (exhibition room).
The individual Schreibwerkstatt (Writing Workshop) from GOS in cooperation with the Writing Centre at the Learning Lab.

Writing consultations in German take place daily from 11.00-18.00, and in English from 14.00-17.00.

You can find an overview of the workshop offerings here.


March 7: Long Night of Writing

Thursday, 07 March 2019 is the Long Night of Writing, from 16:30 to midnight at the University Library in Erlangen.

The Long Night offers short talks and workshops on research, writing, time management, and other writing-related topics. Author Lucas Fassnacht’s workshop on novel writing will be a highlight of the evening.

Beside the workshops and talks, one-on-one consultations will be offered for those who would like individualized feedback on their writing and various parts of the writing process.

The Long Night of Writing is part of the worldwide Long Night Against Procrastination movement. It is organized by the University Library in cooperation with the Center for Applied Philosophy of Science and Key Qualifications; The Language Centre; The Learning Lab; The Student Council; The Student Representative Committee of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology; The Student Representatives of the History of Art Department; and the Student Representatives of DigiHumS.

Additional information about the “Long Night of Writing“ is available here.


Focus on Your Writing at the Schreibwerkstatt

Have you still got a lot to write and no idea how to do it? Come to the Writing Workshop!
The Writing Workshop will take place between 17 and 21 September and tutors from the Writing Centre will be there to help. The event will begin at 10.00 am each day with a short writing session. Afterwards you can concentrate on your essays, seminar papers, theses and other texts. If you have any questions about writing, you can ask a writing consultant or a writing tutor at any time.

Writing support is available for texts in German and in English.

Learn more about the Writing Workshop here.


Writing Consultation in the Main Library

Since mid-April 2018, the Learning Lab’s Writing Centre now offers individual Writing Consultation in the FAU’s Main Library. So, if you are an international student or currently writing in English, you can receive consultation for your writing efforts – either in English or German language.

You can find the Writing Consulters on the first floor of the Main Library, in Room 1.038 (Schuhstr. 1a, 91054 Erlangen) during our office hours (Thursdays: German and English from 10am-12am). Please register by following the two buttons above!

You will also find further office hours and locations of our Writing Consultation.