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Writing in German (except international students)

Writing consultations

Writing consultations in German (except international students) is offered by the GOS and the Learning Lab.

All consultations are being offered online due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Wednesdays 16:30-17:15, 17:45-18:30 (Annette Arend)

Thursdays 10:00-10:45 (Annette Arend)

Thursdays 13:00-13:45, 14:00-14:45 (Valentin Weber)

Fridays 15:00-15:45, 16:00-16:00 (Valentin Weber)

  • Appointments usually last around 45 minutes.
  • If you already have an outline and have written a few pages of text, you can send your outline and an excerpt of 1-2 pages to the person with whom you have booked the consultation appointment.

Please check who will advise you and then send your text excerpt by e-mail to:  or

  • If you can’t make it to your appointment, please cancel via the online booking tool at least 24 hours in advance.
  • What we do: We provide advice on (academic) writing. We analyse your text with you and give tips on various aspects of it.
  • What we do not do: We do not correct your text and we cannot answer any questions regarding content. Only experts in your department can help you with the content.

Writing Consultants

Valentin Weber is one of the first generation of students at FAU to complete training as a writing tutor and has been working as a tutor at the Writing Centre ever since. He completed a Bachelor’s degree in German Language and Literature and Philosophy and is currently in the Elite Master’s degree programme in Ethics of Textual Cultures. In addition, he is also active in the school outreach programme.