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Susanna Szikal

Susanna Szikal

  • Job title: Hilfskraft/Schreibtutorin
  • Organization: Sprachenzentrum
  • Working group: QuiS-Learning Lab
  • Email:
  • Address:
    Henkestraße 91
    91052 Erlangen
    Room 1.275


My personal opinion about the Learning Lab:

To me the Learning Lab is a space that unites creativity and focus.


My interpretation of life-long learning:

To face everything new in open-minded manner and not to remain on deadlocked opinions and patterns.


I want future FAU students to …

… be less disoriented in university life. Something goes totally wrong if the feeling of knowing and understanding how the FAU works first arises after ten semesters.


My hot tip on relaxing:

Just spontaneously go out to any spot in nature in your region that you didn’t discover yet. Then take a walk for yourself in any direction your feet will bring you – no matter how the weather is like.


My personal career path has taught me that …

… detours are worth being made. Most often not going straightforward and instead looking beyond is worthwhile and gives you a real benefit for your further way.