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Shira Richman

Shira Richman

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin / Schreibberaterin


Room: Room 03.217
Bismarckstraße 10
91054 Erlangen


How I support the Learning Lab:

…managing the English part of the Writing Centre. This involves offering individualised writing help along with training others to do similar work. As a co-founder of the Schreibzentrum/Writing Centre, along with my colleagues Jasmin Haderlein, Annette Arend, and my boss, Gunter Lorenz, I am grateful to be included in the conceptualisation and implementation of each element of this service for the FAU community.


My interpretation of life-long learning:

…following one’s own sense of curiosity, a bold and mischievous leader who knows the long, confusing and prickly paths to an eternal state of wonder.


In an ideal world…

…We will all understand how to cultivate and share our greatest strengths and interests, and they will be wholeheartedly appreciated by the world around us. 


A quote describing me personally…

…”Try to be an ear, And if you do speak, ask for explanations.” –Rumi, “The Mouse and the Camel”