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Jasmin Haderlein

Jasmin Haderlein

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin / Schreibberaterin

Language Centre / German as a Foreign Language
QuiS - Learning Lab

Room: Room SZ 00.212
Bismarckstraße 10
91054 Erlangen

Office hours

Jede Woche Mi, 16:00 - 17:00, Room SZ 02.213,


How I support the Learning Lab:

…As a staff member of the Language Centre (DaF department), I am involved in the Learning Lab. Through writing consultations and courses I support international students who (must ) write in German. Together with my Writing Centre colleagues Annette and Shira I coordinate everything that arises in the Writing Centre – for example the writing tutor training.


In an ideal world…

…we’d have a peaceful, respectful life together. Disagreements would be discussed and all people would be healthy, happy and satisfied.


I would describe my personal style of writing and learning as: 

…Usually I write and work more efficiently under time pressure. I learn and write very conscientiously, I am also said to have a penchant for perfectionism. Nevertheless, punctuality was never a problem when submitting written papers during my studies – even if I had to make a detour to the university mailbox on my way on holiday or to the family celebration.     


My top 3 things to have on a deserted island:

…a good, thick book for the inner warmth, a lighter for the outer warmth and a dear person for both.