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Amanda Haines

Amanda Haines

  • Job title: Student Assistant / Writing tutor
  • Organization: Learning Lab
  • Working group: QuiS - Learning Lab
  • Email:


How I support the Learning Lab:

…I support the Learning Lab by being a part of the team and supporting my colleagues. Through the Writing Centre, I promote the Learning Lab to other students,letting them know the varied ways the team can support them with their academic endeavours.


My personal opinion about the Learning Lab:

…The Learning Lab is an excellent resource for students, and is as essential as the various university libraries in furthering and enhancing studies. The students naturally make use of the libraries every day, and it would be great if they viewed the resources at the Learning Lab in the same way.


My interpretation of life-long learning:

…Life-long learning is something I practice every day, not just as a Master’s student but also as  writing tutor. While I am supporting students in their writing process and their own acquisition of knowledge I am myself learning from them.


My hot tip on relaxing:

…Forest bathing – like sunbathing, but with trees. Can be accompanied by a book to read, a story to write, a sketch to draw or simply resting against a tree in a quiet part of the forest and daydreaming.