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“SWING your hands!” for FAU Students

„SWING your hands!“ for FAU Students

The European ERASMUS+ Projekt SWING – Signs for work inclusion gain has developed learning and training apps in four languages for learning sign language terms in cooperation with the Institut für Lern-Innovation of the FAU.  The aim of SWING is to promote communication between hearing and hearing impaired people in the workplace. The SWING apps were developed for the three professional fields of culinary, furniture and tourism. The content is openly accessible and can be used free of charge.

German-German Sign Language (DGS) – Training App for FAU students

With the support of the FAU Diversity Scouts, all sign language dictionaries were reviewed and compiled for FAU students in a new app. The result is an appropriate mix of words related to studying and learning on the one hand and life as a student on the other. The app can be operated both from a PC and from a smartphone or tablet.

Try it out!

Click me! Instrcution Manul (German, PDF)

Access to the app is:

You can download a small instruction manual (German, PDF format) with one click on the right.


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The German Finger Alphabet

By Landesverband Bayern der Gehörlosen e. V. – Info map of the Landesverband Bayern der Gehörlosen e. V., CC BY-SA 4.0

Sometimes it is also important for communication between hearing and hearing impaired people to be able to spell words in the German finger alphabet. Finger spelling (dactylogy) is used in addition to German sign language, especially to spell names and words for which no sign is common yet. In addition, finger spelling can also be used to emphasize words.


Your Challenge!

Did you take a look at the finger alphabet?

Do you feel like playing a memo game to check which written letter – signed letter combinations you can already remember?


Master Thesis at the FAU at the Faculty of Sociology


Click me! Master thesis

A master’s thesis has been written as part of the SWING project! Would you like to learn more about Kommunikation zwischen Hörenden und Gehörlosen als interkulturelles Problem? With just one click you can access the master thesis (German) by Stefanie Allmendinger (2019).