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FAU Digitales Studium – Digitize You Studies!

Digitize Your Studies!

Digital literacy, the ability to handle digital media with confidence, is an increasingly important competence. How about utilizing your studies at FAU to learn more about the variety of digital possibilities? We will help you to find an entry into the world of digital media for learning and studying.

The learning platform StudOn itself is already a big and useful toolbox. It contains numerous tools to prepare knowledge units in a multimedia format and to convey them interactively. The functions of StudOn are also available to you as a student! Take a closer look at the StudOn tools and try them out by yourself and together with your study group! The portal “FAU Digitales Studium” is only one click away. Here we provide you with tips and tricks for studying with digital media and illustrate with practical examples how to use which StudOn tool for which task.


Access to: FAU Digitales Studium – Digitize Your Studies


Of course you can also find a wealth of digital tools and apps on the web and in the App Stores to support individual or collaborative learning and work processes. To help you find your way through this jungle, we will soon provide you with a checklist. With it you will be able to examine the offers with regard to several quality criteria.

Did you know: StudOn is also available as an app!

StudOn is also available as an app since the Winter Semester 2019! With the StudOn app, which is financed by tuition fees, you as a user of the learning platform can download files from StudOn directly to your mobile device and make them available offline. You can select courses, groups and course contents as favorites. With just one click you can download the files of entire courses and folders directly to your mobile device. Even messages from StudOn, such as forum posts, are displayed directly on your mobile device via the app. The new StudOn app offers you all this and much more. Check out the stores: Available in the Play Store and the App Store.