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Digital learning at FAU – we support you!

As a student at FAU you are familiar with the central learning platform StudOn. Your lecturers use it to provide materials and communication possibilities for their courses. And maybe you have already taken part in e-examinations via StudOn?

The learning platform StudOn offers a wide range of digital tools. They allow knowledge to be presented in a multimedia format and conveyed interactively. Learning results are verified with a variety of tasks. The diverse functions of the platform are available both for teachers and for you as a student!

Learning Lab @digital …

  • makes you familiar with the possibilities of FAU Digitales Studium – Digitize Your Studies and gives you ideas on how to use different tools
  • invites you for a chat…in Zoom on various topics! Venture and drop by!
  • offers you the DiL EXPERT course that provides media-didactic knowledge to support teachers in implementing digital teaching/learning scenarios
  • has training app for you with words in German Sign Language about learning, studying and student life! SWING your hands!
  • gives you a colourful overview of all our activities so far.

Enjoy these pages!


Winter Semester 2020/21: Students acquire media-didactic competences for use in FAU teaching

After the very successful first round of the course in the summer semester 2020, we will also offer the seminar “Media-didactic Competences for Academic Teaching” (in German language) in the winter semester 2020/21. The course trains students to become [DiL EXPERTs], who will be able to support teachers in the conception and implementation of digital teaching/learning scenarios and integrate digital tools into teaching in a meaningful way.

How does this work?

It is a ‘blended learning’ seminar (alternating between three face-to-face input phases* and four online self-learning phases) throughout the entire summer semester.

Students will work out their own media-didactic concept for a short learning sequence and develop it further through peer feedback. Following this, they will take part in a StudOn course to acquire the tools to implement their own StudOn concept. Finally, they will create their own StudOn course and put their media-didactic concept into practice. For this course they will earn 5 ECTS! 


Further information and registration