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Workshop: Self-publishing zines

Zines (pronounced like -zine in Magazine) are a type of self-published magazines that are usually reproduced via photocopier and originate from punk-, indie-, and D.I.Y.-culture.

Initially all zines were fanzines, made by and for fans about movies, TV-shows, bands, etc. Over the course of the decades, zines evolved into their own kind of subculture, which at least partially stems from the fact that many zinesters were also active in political, social, or other cultural circles. One of the most famous examples of zine-culture is Riot Grrrl, which is both the name of a zine as well as the name of a feminist movement of the 90s, though zines have been and are still used in other contexts.

For example, Zines are popular in the LGBTI*-Community, as well as in migrant and leftist groups. Outside of political circles, such as the anime fandom or video game subculture, zines have been used as a collaborative effort, where both professionals as well as amateurs in the world of art, design, and writing meet to create their own fanzines. These are often sold over the internet and all revenue made is donated to charity.

In this workshop, participants will be given a short introduction on the culture and the history of zines before being able to produce their own (mini-)zines. To help with ideas, the workshop instructor will be handing out zines and professional magazines. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own magazines, flyers or anything else that could be used in the workshop.

Appointment: Thursday, 05.12.2019
When: 18:00-20:00 o’clock
Where: Learning Lab
Henkestr. 91
1st floor, house 8

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